Sunday, 27 January 1861

Rose late. ― After breakfast wrote to Windm Hornby ― & to G. Richmond. ― Then looked over Campagna drawings, for Mr. Whitman’s picture. ― Day very warm, & “fine.” Went out at 1.30 ― calling at Crake’s ― & across the Park to the G. Clives. ― Mrs. C. ― Miss C. Charley, & Kathleen ―: all of them natural ― which is a boon. (Met P. Bouverie, & 6,000,000 children: ― also Jameson, με την ματέρα του: ― καὶ ((With his mother ― and (NB).)) Lord Rendlesham.) Went home; & again called on R. Curzon, Lady Farquhar, & J. Uwins: all ἔξω. ((Out (NB).)) Home ― & at 6.30 to Crakes. Mr. & Mrs. C. ― & Mary Anne. Oimè! ―― äi! Θάνατος! ἂχορος, ἂλυρὂς, πλέον ἒργὠ. ― Ἀδοἀρδος Κραῖκς ―― ((Woe! Ah! Death! Without dance or lyre, in every point ― Edward Crakes (NB).)) Came away at 10.15. Cab home ― & it is pleasant to find the cheerful fire here ― yet sad to reflect on the past cold going out of lights!

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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