Thursday, 13 December 1860

A day of blank. F. Cockerell went at 9. ― But I began to work on Thucydides ― in a new book ― & hated painting. Suddenly I did a little finish to the Philœ ― & then packed the Zagori & Philates ― now if ever, done. Then I packed the Philœ ― but broke the glass by doing so. Worried in many ways. Uncertainty & bother.

Captn. Huish came ― & I suppose he will have the S. Sabbas. Καλὰ. ((Good (NB).)) But all the rest ahead is blank ― not to say dark.

At 3.30 walked out ― dark ― coldish dry. Dogs ― of which there are heaps in these parts ― bully me. ―

Alquanto εἶμαι δυστυχής ((I am un happy (NB).)) ― but that may be probably from having so gone back to alternate crosses. ―

Returned by 5 or 5.10.

Dined, μόνος, ᾽ς τὰς ἕξ. ((Alone, at six (NB).)) ― Reading Urquhart, which is dreary & queer. ―

Ahead ― all is doubtful.

Penned out ― nil: but rewrote out my Θουκυδίδες ― in the newly bound [] edition.

Quiet & calm this place ― which is blessing. But after all ― τί πράγματα είναι blessings? ((What are ‘blessings’ (NB).))

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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