Friday, 26 October 1860

Extremely warm ― as all these later days. But not bright, except a gleam of sun at 2 or 3 P.M. Letter from F.L. ― ὁ ἵδιος ― κάι ὁ ἵδιος ἁγαπητὸς. ((The same ― and the same dear (NB).)) ― Wrote to him. Drew. ― Poor dear Ann came, she is pretty well ― yet less strong. Letters of Mary & R. Boswell ― painful enough. Foord’s people came, & took away 4 unfinished pictures & a canvass: ― but, in placing the Nuneham pictures in frames, some wood dust marred all the painting until it be dry. So it could not be fixed in ― & I was as cross as 500000 bears.

At 1 ― Lunch with Ann: ― & drew again after ― but I was very cross. She, poor dear, went at 3.30. ― I then out, & called on the Crakes. Mr. C. very very feeble ― kind old man! ― Mrs. C. M.A.C. & Mrs. H.C. ――― Then across the park, on to Mr. Hays by 5. People there ― so I did not go in. Then to Col. Hornby ― he was in: ― & Windham came in: the latter robust: the former feeble. Gave my sentiments about the Lord Derbyisms ― or my lady Derby’s. ― Home by 6.15. Dressed, & to Ferriers ― where was only James Edwards. Mrs. F. is doubtless one of the most well-bred, charming, intelligent, & pretty women I have seen ― apart from her relationship to James. I was not as agreable as I should have been, but I was “maddled” ― & cross. ― I came out very forcibly at times, in talent of various sots. ―

Col. Hornby told ὅτι ἡ Κωμιτίσσα Δέρμπι εἴπε μίαν φορὰν — πρὴν νὰ ἥναι Κωμιτίσσα – “ἐὰν ποτέ εἷμαι Κωμιτίσσα, κανείς τῆς Φαμίλιας Ὅρνμπι θὰ εἰσέλθη διὰ τᾶς θύρας τοῦ Νῶσλη.” ((That Countess Derby said once ― before she became Countess ― “if I ever become Countess, none of the Hornby family will ever set foot inside the doors of Knowsley” (NB).))

And she has kept her word. No Hornby was at Knowsley at Lady S.’s wedding.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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