Saturday, 29 September 1860

Cedars ― day 1

Rose at 6. Some Plato ― ˇ[drawing S. Sabbas till 8.30.] Not raining, but very dark, & “promising rain.” ― Breakfast: & found, by a note from Mr. Lyle, that my “miniature” had arrived. ―

Went to the “Temple” & saw it [].

Returned, & took all the colours &c. &c. ― there ― & hired a small boy ― one Norman, ― for 6d a day ― to attend me.

Then, about 12 ― got the canvass up ― & Messrs Lyle & Hewitson, (the latter carrying water,) came. ―

And so I really got to work, & absolutely painted in all the sky, & much of the rough tree work before 5 ― after which it was time to go. A small walk ― & then dinner. Sate next the intelligent doctor, ― his name is Mac Clair I think. ―

Came upstairs at 9: spite of hints & persuasions.

Letters to-day, from W.N. & C.F. =

The waiter who cut the goose for 15 persons ― the last 3 ― of whom I was the 18th gooseless! ― And his apology to me! ―

His convulsion shying the plate away ― when the small boy asked him ― who for? ― ‘Henny-body!’ ―


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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