Friday, 30 March 1860

Rose latish ― one sleep & sleep forever.

(All day long, which is & was quite warm & utterly gray, & scirocco ―― worked at the 3 Parnasses ― not ill.)

Went to Macbeans’ ― no news: ― the Piedmont troops 4500 have landed at Leghorn. ― ―――

I wish M. did not ―――― hadn’t a [ζραβισμος , δεν εμπορω ποτε να φαλω πιζιαν εις ενα ανθρωπον που εχη ζραφισμος, ισως εχω αδικον, αλλα δεν εμπωρωνα καμω αλλα ως ιδομεν]!  ― ((I suspect Lear is trying to pun on “strabismus” and “sgrafismus,” but actually I can’t make out his meaning.))

Worked by fitz ― & pretty hard: but what a change to hot weather! ―
2 Miss Monks came. ― δια των οποιων, δεν εινας να γραψω.((Of which, there is [reason] to write (GT).))

At 6 walked round half the sad dull Borghese. ―Oh! I hope never to pass a whole winter here more!

γευμα ― μονος: και παραπολυ κρασι ― ως always.((Dined alone: and had too much wine, as always (GT).))

Terry & Mrs. Crawford came.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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