Tuesday, 27 March 1860

Sent letter to Ann.

Letter from Ann. S. will surely go out again. Wrote to her, advising as far as I could. ―

There is no hope or chance of her being able to live with either of her sisters, though she has assuredly done her utmost to do so. Ellen does not wish it, & S. could only live in the I. of W. which would be impossible for Ann.

Day fine. Macbeans.

Worked at Farquhar’s Parnassus, & the others.

To Macbeans, ― but I did not hear any news. ―

Returned & the Fosters, with Miss Dowdeswell came ― “an affected piece” as the old birds wrote. The Fosters are not so. ― Then came Jameson, & the 2 Miss J.s ― both really nice girls: ― J. bought the little Campagna picture. 35£ ― which fact is very expressive of his real admiration of scenery. ― (Earlier, I forgot to relate, I “bedemeaned” myself, by leaving a card on “Freddy” Stanley, ((whom, lachrymosely Mrs. Caldwell told me yesterday had come here, ―)) yet, remembering Knowsely in 1830 I could not but do so.) After the Jamesons came poor Miss Tullok, who is very sadly an instance of the life away from love. ― Yet she herself is a good kind creature. Her perceptious indagini ((Investigations.)) of my “wealth” were diverting. Afterwards came 2 people I didn’t even know the names of, but friends of the Reynolds’, or I shouldn’t have seen ’em: ― & then, I worked till 5½. A short walk in the Borghese conscrewded the day. ― Returned to dine solo ― ―

Spillman dinner.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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