Monday, 26 March 1860

Sent letters to Dickenson, Stansfeld, Sandbach, Potter, Reid, Clive, Edwards.

Worked at Clermont’s Bruce’s Parnassus ― off & on all day.

Went to Macbeans, & sent various letters to ask people to come in. Very fine weather.

3 Jervoises came, & 2 Macbeans, & 1 Malcolm, & 2 Parishes ―. ― 2 Reynolds, Miss Webb,

At 5½ called on Helen R. ― at 6½ to the Reynolds ― who had persuaded me to dine there ― against my will.

3 JamesonsP. Williams, Payne, ― Maj.r Oldfield, Misses Cushman & Stebbins, ― & Clark.

[Wh ] the dinner was long, & piuttosto tea[-]juice. Miss Jameson, on the right, is a very sweet nice girl, ― clear[-]eyed & open[-]faced, ― & somewhat recalling L.L. ――― Miss Yates, “on the left” ― was talkative & sharpy: ― her comparisons & contradictions are sadly tiresome, ― though she has much cleverness. ― After dinner, Clark & Payne, went away. ― Talking remained ― old China, & drawings. Mrs. Jameson & Ardee collections, Miss Cushman & Miss Stebbin. ― The Hosmer, it seems, is gone off to America, moribondo il di lei padre.((Her father being moribund.))

Returned by 11.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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