Thursday, 30 June 1859

Slept better: yet would not rise before 8. No letters. ―

Noise of front room distracting. ― Despair.

Wrote several letters. ―  Thurston Thompson the photographer came: ― afterwards C. Wynne. ―

Could not apply to work: London kills all my energy, & confuses me wholly. ―

At 3 went to Zoological Gardens. ― (Thompson, whom I heard was dead, is yet living.) ― At 6 called at the older Gibbs’s, & waited ― but only saw him as I was going away at 6½. ―

At 7½ I walked across the Park ― & at 8 was at T. Baring’s.

There were Mrs. B. ― looking unwell ― alas! how silly! ― & Maltby ― (afterwards I found him to be a friend of Tom Lushington, & he had been lately at P.H. ―) ― Sir G. Grey ― one of the most agreeable of men ever. ― Lord John Hay. ― & Layard.

A very pleasant dinner in all ways. ―

After all went ― Baring & I smoked & sate till late: ― he is thoroughly kind & good: & always ― it seems to me, improving & improved.

Walked home: ― nearly 1. ―


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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