Tuesday, 21 June 1859

Slept ill, woke at sunrise, & beholding the clear sky & red tiles & chimney=pots, ―― thought of Southern places in spite of myself. ―

Rose at 7 ― breakfast at 7½ ― in Hansen’s lower room ―: Mrs. H. very fat: ― little Rose a nice child.

At 8 ― cab ― (which the horse “came to grief” at Tottenham Court road ― & I had to get another,) to King’s Cross. Train at 9.20. ― Very pleasant & quick to Peterborough. ― Thence slower. Boston & Louth Churches, & great beauty of endless plains of cultivation. At Ulceby by 3 ― after much pleasure in the going: & by 4 to Brigg, where a servant & Dogcart met me. Down to Appleby ― most quiet village & picturesque. John & E. Cross ― & their home ― all very nice & [sound] ― & beautiful. Walk with J.C. & afterwards with both. Dinner: a very happy evening ― till late ― say 11.

Any snipes here? ― (Tourist’s query.)
Lashins on ’em, your honor! ― (Irish lad.
Any ducks? ―――――
The lake is paved with ’em!
Any barometers?
I best had ― thirty ―― & then mysteriously ―
“Whiles: at night!”

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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