Saturday, 1 January 1859

Rose at 7-8 ― reflecting. Breakfast ― as yet in the same comfortable mode. Wrote a longish letter to Ann, ― & a long one to F.L.Clowes came in ― & the 2 Huskissons ― the latter to ask to “evening Party.” ― At 11.45 I called on Miss Tullok ― where was Lady Carmichael ― to B. Mathews, C. Knight, the Caldwells, Lady Stratford, (who was the nicest & pleasantest ―) & on McBeans, & R. Hay. By that it was 2 ― & I went to S.W.C. & with him at 2.30 ― to P. Molle, where I drew, & near the bridge again. Afternoon very cold & disagreable & dusty. ― We walked back by the river ―& the evening & sunset were glorious. At 6.30 ― C. & I went to Bright’s to dinner ― Mrs. & Miss B. ― Palmer, Gibbs, & G. Waldegrave: ― very pleasant. Afterwards, a “party” ―. Lecture from Palmer on Catacombicisms ― bad taste. And bad singing on the part of Beresford. ― Home by 11.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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