Wednesday, 29 December 1858

One of the many odd days in these times ― curiously queer. Fine cold, bright. After breakfast ― (always nice, now Giorgio is here, ―) came the man to hang the studio, & hammering & fussing went on all day. Also old Pizzerani, ὁ ὁποῖος ((Who.)) nearly demented me. Intanto  I drew mainly at a view of S. Sabbas. Later came Storey & Perkins ― & later still, S.W.C. But the “rapping” had given me bad headache. I walked with the Americans, & dressing, went to S.W.C. to dine. But I could not go to Pantaleone’s. ― Came home at 11. Gio. asleep, ― & cross ― anent his finger.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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2 responses to “Wednesday, 29 December 1858

  1. Great to see this – Lear’s diaries being made available as a free internet resource. One small thing, I wonder if it would leave the text looking/reading smoother if the links weren’t in such a different font/colour from the main text – would underlining alone be be enough to indicate the presence of a link?

    The Diary Junction

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