Monday, 1 February 1858

Perhaps still colder ―― frightfully cold for the poor Corfiotes.

Did not paint. Wrote at intervals to C. Fortescue, ((See LEL, 84-5.)) Dickenson, Hansen, Walter, Mrs. Empson, Mrs. Hornby, Bicken, Drummond, & Clowes. A nice letter from Miss Dennett. ― At 5 ― after Shakespeare, Stuart, & Ponsonby had been in, the former buying my Photographic apparatus ((Lear had been experimenting with photography as an aid for his artistic work, but evidently was not satisfied. Some of the photographs Major Shakespear took with Lear’s camera can be seen here.)) ― walked the short  round & at 6½ dined alone. Great cold.

One of Shakespear's photographs of Corfu.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Previously published in Lear 1988, 124.]


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2 responses to “Monday, 1 February 1858

  1. Hello
    Lovely to see one of my Great great Grandfather’s photos and thanks for the link to our web site!
    Do you know whether the Sayers mentioned are Robert & Frances, the parents of Louisa Caroline, John Davenport Shakespear’s wife? I see that on 22 September 1858 he ‘called on Mrs Sayer, whom I saw, & saw new Shakespear photographs’ which suggests a connection. I have no record of them being in Corfu, but they were great travellers.

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